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4 Great Places For Beach Weddings, The Last Place Is Called The Pearl Of God

I am getting married. Be a happy woman from tomorrow. Sun, sea, beach, and you and him, is it the most romantic love story? Oath to the sea and promise to the next life, this is the beach wedding that every girl yearns for.
So, join us today and fly to the other side of the earth, there are super beautiful islands for you to choose from.
1. Meizhou Island
Meizhou Island is known as "Penglai in the South". If Meizhou Island is the pearl of the sea left behind in the world, then the Meizhou wedding is more like the realization of a dream. This beautiful and pure island wedding is so beautiful for everyone. worth having.
There is also the Mazu Temple, where 200 million Mazu believers believe, and the pilgrimage is unprecedented, and it is known as the "Oriental Mecca".
It’s gorgeous and glamorous here. Wouldn’t it be great to spend a honeymoon after the wedding?
2. Bali
Choosing Bali as the address of a beach wedding will not disappoint you. The scenery of Paris Island is charming. Below is the romantic memory of Ms. Li who personally held a wedding in Bali:
"Holding a wedding on the island of Paris is the most correct thing I have ever done in my life. On the day of the wedding ceremony, the wind slowly flicked the veil
. Not far away is the sea, where family and friends Under the gaze of Wang, my future husband and I are happily married here, under the testimony of the most important person in my family and friends.
Along with the sound of sea breeze and waves, happiness fills my heart. This picture will freeze in my mind and become my most precious memory. "
3. Mauritius
If there is paradise, it must be Mauritius! Mark Twain once said: "God first created Mauritius, and then created the Garden of Eden."
The unparalleled beauty of the Indian Ocean, the first vacation choice for European princes and nobles, is Mauritius, an island country in the Indian Ocean like a paradise on earth.
The charming coastline is built by soft white sand, where there is crystal clear water and translucent light; the most romantic destinations, hotels, and resorts in the world, so host a beach wedding here is an excellent choice too.
And if you wanna get married in the church, The most famous wedding church here is the Red Roof Church. If you want to hold a wedding in the Red Roof Church, you need to apply to the hotel in advance. The longest is that it takes three years for couples to apply for a successful wedding. The church only provides venues, and a marriage certificate will be issued after the wedding.
4. Tahiti
"Waiting for someone who doesn't love you is like waiting for a boat at the airport." But those who say that must have never been to Tahiti!
Because, At the airport on Bora Island in Tahiti, you are waiting for a boat!
Tahiti is known as the closest place to heaven. Just like the pearls that God accidentally spilled in the South Pacific, they are so beautiful and pure.
There are azure blue oceans, dazzling white sandy beaches, coconut groves on the emerald shore, quiet water huts, beautiful purple mountains...
There is a unique mix of French atmosphere and Polynesian culture here. As a French island, it is full of French romance everywhere, and a private wedding can be customized arbitrarily. so the host a beach wedding here is a romantic choice,you won’t regret it.
In Tahiti, What you must do in Tahiti is to meet someone you love and to watch a sunrise and sunset with him/her, This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
If you want more, please pay attention to the Rjerdress Wedding.

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