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5 Popular Flower Girl Dresses

In addition to the bride, the focus of people's attention at the wedding is our lively and lovely little flower girl. Although they are not the protagonists of our wedding, she also needs to be carefully dressed before she can appear. The beautiful little flower girl at our wedding. A touch of elves, their existence can make the wedding look more beautiful, romantic, and perfect. Of course, the flower girls themselves are very cute, but if you want to highlight this cuteness, you need to have exquisite costumes to dress them up. If you still don't know how to dress our little flower girl, don't worry, we have prepared five popular flower girl clothes for you in 2022, see if you like them.
1. Fresh white & pink dress
This white & pink flower girl dress is very fresh. The white top and the pink skirt form a perfect harmony. The combination of two different fabrics creates a wonderful spark. It is very creative. I believe your flower girl will like it.
2. Romantic pink one-shoulder dress
Every girl loves pink, and this pink flower girl dress fulfills all little girls' pink fantasies. The one-shoulder design and the slightly puffed skirt with a short front and a long back look very distinctive. Wearing such a dress, the flower girls will definitely be very happy.
3. Pure white princess dress
This pure white flower girl dress with a lovely bow at the waist adds a touch of sweetness to the whole dress, making the flower girl look like an angel.
Do you feel excited when you see such a beautiful princess dress? The hem of this princess dress is blooming like a flower, and the appliqué decoration on the hem adds a lot of color to the whole dress. Wearing such a beautiful dress highlights the temperament of a flower girl and is as eye-catching as a princess.
4. Lively blue shawl dress
Blue is also a color that brides often choose when shopping for flower girl dresses. A blue flower girl dress works well with a white wedding dress and is the color you can’t go wrong with.
This blue shawl flower girl dress is made of lace and tulle, with lace embellished on the fluffy skirt and this butterfly decoration on the shawl on the back for a unique and delicate look.
5. Purple Tulle dress
This purple tulle flower girl dress winds from the right shoulder embellished with butterflies all the way to the bottom of the left hem, and the delicate lace of the upper skirt is wonderful and unique. Designing such unique flower girl dresses, don't you think about preparing one for your cute little flower girl?
In addition to flower girl dresses, don't forget to prepare some small accessories for the cute little flower girls, such as flower baskets, head rings, hair crowns, etc., which can make the flower girls look more beautiful.
If you want to know more about flower girl dresses, follow Rjerdress' s Flower Girl Dresses 2022.

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