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7 Popular Wedding Themes

Every girl will fantasize about her wedding, imagine herself wearing a beautiful wedding dress, marrying her beloved at the sacred wedding ceremony. The whole wedding may be dreamy or forest-related. The themes of the wedding are different, the layout of the wedding and even the choice of the bride's wedding dress are different, so brides must carefully choose the theme of the wedding. Every girl wants her wedding to be independent and unforgettable? To help brides achieve a beautiful wedding, Rjdress has counted several popular wedding themes, hoping to give brides some reference.
What are the wedding themes?
1. Beach theme wedding
Holding a wedding on a romantic beach will definitely increase the romantic interest of the wedding. On the beach, you can see the endless sea. When the blessing bell rings, the couple kisses and a romantic call begins. I believe you at this moment will be able to experience the subtleties of life!
When choosing a beach wedding dress, the couple should use elegant chiffon style as the main choice. The color of the flower material can be brighter to set off a warm atmosphere. If you want to be more casual, the bride may wish to put aside the wedding dress and choose a bohemian dress from the big flower series. The beach creative theme wedding can be elegant or relaxed. If you want to be elegant, set up an arch of flowers on the beach and make your vows under the witness of the blue sea and blue sky.
2. Church-themed wedding
Under the music of the wedding march, the bride walked into the sacred wedding hall with his father, and then the father slowly handed over his dear daughter to the groom. At this time, all eyes are on their blessings and the dawn of happiness to the newcomer. Under the arrangement of the priest, they put on their love ring and made a life-long vow. The newlyweds will also walk out of the church with cheerful music surrounded by relatives and friends, and the bride will throw her bouquet to the next happy woman who is about to enter the wedding hall.
Because church weddings attach importance to wedding spirit and self-feelings, solemn, sacred, romantic, urban white-collar workers and intellectuals, the process is slightly complicated, and there is less communication with guests. After the wedding is held in the church, the wedding banquet and simple thanks are held in the hotel. Guest ceremony. The bride must wear a white ball gown wedding dress. Of course, headdresses, flowers, jewelry, etc. are very particular. The groom should also wear a tuxedo and tie a red or black bow tie to coordinate with the atmosphere of the church wedding.
3. Lawn themed wedding
On the green lawn, the newlyweds stand here to receive God’s blessings and decorate the wedding scene with summer flowers. They will surely immerse themselves in the ocean of happiness. Therefore, if conditions permit, the newlyweds can hold a lawn wedding to interpret their love. It is believed that the guests present will send their most sincere blessings.
Choose a piece of green land or a villa garden on the outskirts of a lawn by a lake or a mountain and water. After careful decoration, in the sunshine, blue sky, green trees, red flowers, and green lawns, you can plunge into the embrace of nature with your relatives and friends, and share the chic Wedding atmosphere. Outdoor lawn weddings have long become fashionable, and weddings on golf courses are especially popular.
Lawn weddings are generally self-service, so the bride is best to choose a light wedding dress with a pair of flat wedding shoes so that it is easy to walk on the wet lawn. Lawn weddings are different from weddings in the city. The content and form of outdoor weddings should be designed. It has the characteristics of outdoor, and the way for newcomers to enter the venue. Wearing wedding clothes, walking on the wet lawn will be unsightly. You can use a pair of newlyweds to ride in a golf cart decorated with flowers to greet the guests from a distance. They have petals, applause, and the attention of the guests, as well as the sacred "Wedding March".
4. Country-themed wedding
Country weddings, as the name suggests, are creatively themed weddings held in the countryside with a strong rural flavor. The emphasis on feeling is greater than the emphasis on form, and the main emphasis is on completing simple rituals in the embrace of nature.
5.Forest themed wedding
A simple and fresh forest-themed wedding, using green as the main tone and adding some other colors for embellishments, such as champagne roses or purple tulips. This kind of decoration that is close to nature or integrates the flowers and plants of nature into the wedding, giving people a wonderful feeling of being in nature.
Because forest weddings require a lot of flowers and plants to embellish, brides should avoid choosing lace wedding dresses, which can effectively prevent the wedding dress from being hooked.
6. Fairy tale theme wedding
With the restart of the Disney Princess series of film and television dramas, many girls with fairy tale dreams see the real version of the story of the prince and princess. Each princess image created by Disney represents a different type of girl, and there will always be a princess that will make you feel that you are her. A fairy-tale-themed wedding so that you can have a princess-like wedding without the life of a princess. The pink and tender scenes, the dreamy scenery, the castle-like decorations, and the sweet cakes, everything is so beautiful, most suitable for a bride with childlike innocence.
When it comes to dreamy colors, pink is essential. The bride may choose a pink ball gown wedding dress. The fluffy skirt adds a fairy tale atmosphere.
7. Water theme wedding
With the development of the times, weddings on land no longer meet the needs of new people, and another romantic and wonderful form of the wedding was born. That is a water wedding. It is becoming synonymous with young people's fashion. Picture after picture came out spontaneously: On the rippling blue lake, an extraordinary water wedding was held, with the blessings of nearly a hundred relatives and friends, listening to the sound of the water and watching the bright lights. This type of wedding will surely leave a good memory.
There is often wind on the water. To prevent the skirt from being blown by the wind and blocking the line of sight, the bride must not choose a wedding dress that is too large, just choose a simple cut wedding dress.
I believe that the brides-to-be have a general understanding of the wedding theme, so you might as well discuss with your boyfriend to choose the wedding theme you want.

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