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A Guide to Picking a Winter Wedding Dress

The cold winter is coming, brides who choose to get married in winter should never give up the temperature for beauty. Brides, whether it is a wedding or a wedding photo shoot, getting sick is a very troublesome thing. To avoid getting sick, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a winter wedding. There are some tips to buy sexy winter wedding dresses in the cold winter.
Choosing a Winter Wedding Dress
Because the wedding dresses for winter weddings have high requirements on texture, fabric, and workmanship, if you need to customize such wedding dresses, it is best to start the selection half a year in advance, and the shortest is no less than 4 months so that the time will be more abundant. . Because it takes about 1 month to design and make a winter wedding dress, and it is best to deliver it to your hands 2 months before the wedding, so it is easy to modify the subtleties. If you are in a hurry, you can also go to the local bridal shop to directly choose to buy suitable samples, or rent them. Most importantly, choose a style that suits you according to your body shape. It should be noted that it is appropriate to choose a slightly larger winter wedding dress. First, people tend to gain weight in winter; second, on the wedding day in winter, you may wear clothes of a certain thickness inside to keep warm; at the same time, if the wedding dress size is larger, change it to a smaller size. It's easy, but making a piece of dress bigger is unlikely.
Winter Wedding Dress Shopping Tips
 When the bride chooses a winter wedding dress, in addition to paying attention to the style of the wedding dress, the winter wedding dress selection guide should also pay attention to choosing the right fabric. Although many fabrics are suitable for all seasons, there are also some to avoid, such as silk, tulle, satin, etc., which are reminiscent of refreshing and flowing. Generally speaking, winter tube top wedding dresses are best to choose fabrics with comfortable texture, thicker and strong thermal insulation. Such as velvet, flannel, lace corduroy are all good winter fabrics. . In terms of styles, try to avoid styles that are too short, too close-fitting, and too exposed, which will not only make you feel cold on the day you wear them but also make guests visually oppressed. Because the wedding dress is thicker, its comfort is particularly important in winter. To judge whether a wedding dress is suitable, you can try to raise your arms over your head, do a short dance, sit down and cross your legs, bend over, Walk around the store as much as possible, if everything can be done easily, this wedding dress is more suitable.
 Dresses are best to try some warm colors or have a sequin embellishment, these elements can send a strong sense of activity in this snow-white and cold season. The choice of accessories is also different for the warmer seasons, with soft fur shawls a must-have, one for warmth and the other for glam, and can be paired with a clutch also trimmed with fur. In winter, it is appropriate to wear a larger crown tiara, to emphasize the gorgeous and full effect.
Some people say that the wedding dress is the most beautiful in a woman's life, and the tube top wedding dress is the classic style that can highlight the charm of women. Brides can balance warmth and beauty in winter wedding dresses. In the face of cold winter weddings, tube-top wedding dresses seem to be too thin. To resist the cold, brides can choose a shawl of the same color as a match. It can maintain the charm of the original color of the wedding dress but also add the overall warmth and gorgeousness.
Another thing to pay special attention to is choosing a pair of mittens that are longer than the elbow, which will make you look stylish and warm.
 Keep the above points in mind and you'll be a warm and sexy happy bride for winter!
winter wedding shawl
Winter wedding shawl collocation rule 1: Cape-style wedding shawl, the cape-style wedding shawl is mainly used for large capes or semi-circular large shawls. This kind of wedding shawl is draped on the body, just like wearing a coat, which makes people feel more romantic, You can also wear this effect with a generous shawl or a long shawl. However, when wearing a matching wedding dress in this way, you should avoid choosing heavy materials.
Winter wedding shawl collocation rule 2: A large square or wider long shawl or a split shawl is suitable for this wearing method. Wrap the shawl around the shoulders and arms, this way of wearing can show the bride's natural, comfortable and quiet look.
Winter wedding shawl collocation rule 3: shawl-style wedding shawl Shawl-style wedding shawl is the most classic, common, and most popular way of wearing, that is, the two ends of the shawl are symmetrically placed on the shoulders since ancient times, and are naturally perpendicular to How to wear on the chest. This way of dressing appears graceful and casual.
Winter wedding shawl collocation rule 4: Buckle wedding shawl wraps the wedding shawl around the shoulders, and then folds the two ends symmetrically on the chest, and attaches a beautiful brooch at the overlapping joint. This dress is more formal and solemn. This wedding shawl can also be pulled diagonally to the shoulder or back, which can make the bride look more attractive.
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