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Autumn Bridesmaid Dress - Elegance and Warmth Coexist

With the advent of autumn, the weather is no longer unbearably hot, and many girls have begun to think about their wedding dates. For brides who get married in autumn, you must be chatting with your girlfriends about what kind of dress they should wear, and come to Meimei to be your bridesmaid. The number of girls with many styles will be the most difficult problem for bridesmaids to choose dresses. Everyone has their ideas.
But it is not without solutions, choose the appropriate bridesmaid dress according to the theme and style of the wedding. The following are the fashion trends of bridesmaid dresses for autumn and winter weddings, I believe they will give you some different inspirations.
Bohemian Style
The sparkle of boho style on wedding dresses is always personal, whether it’s delicate lace or lovely floral prints, there’s a graceful beauty. The bohemian style is diverse in color and casual in style, making it more suitable for the dressing styles of different girls in the bridesmaid group.
The Same style, Different Styles
To ensure the neatness and visual beauty of the bridesmaids, you can choose the same style of dress. If you want to avoid monotony, you can change the style, such as different collar types, color changes, etc.
Printed Bridesmaid Dress
Girls and flowers are always the most charming, and bridesmaid dresses with different printed patterns will make the bridesmaids look cute and elegant, and the overall modeling effect will also be varied and colorful.
Gold Sequin Bridesmaid Dress
Gold is the trending color this fall. Wedding arrangements and wedding dresses are very suitable for adding golden elements, and bridesmaid dresses are suitable for those brides who like sparkling, luxurious and noble. Of course, gold dresses are also very suitable for retro. wedding.

Tips for choosing autumn bridesmaid dresses

1. Bridesmaid dresses should not be too gorgeous
The wedding day is the home of the newlyweds, and the bridesmaids are just foils. Therefore, the bridesmaids' dresses should not be too bright in color or too complicated in design. At the same time, the bride also represents a part of the bride, and the dress should not be too simple. When choosing A dress with a simple style and some details in the design is a good choice.
2. Match the color of the bride's wedding dress
The bridesmaids need to accompany the bride all the time. The dresses of the two should be commensurate, especially in color matching. When the bride wears a red wedding dress, bridesmaids should not choose green or purple wedding dresses. In addition, the bridesmaids' dresses should also be adjusted according to the wedding theme.
3. Consider the bridesmaid's body type
In some weddings, the bride has more than one bridesmaid. When the bridesmaids are very different in size, they should pay attention to whether the dress can meet the needs of everyone. The same color and different styles of dresses are the best choices, which not only reflect the uniform dress of the bridesmaids but also And it also adapts to the requirements of different bridesmaids.
4. When renting a dress, ask the bridesmaids to try it on in person
If you choose to rent a bridesmaid dress, be sure to ask the bridesmaids to try it on in person. Because the rented dresses are often incomplete or non-standard dresses, if there is a situation where the fitting is not suitable, they can be modified in time.
5. Short dresses skillfully grasp the length
Bridesmaids have very important work responsibilities on wedding occasions. The dress needs to have enough comfort and flexibility. If you choose a short dress as a bridesmaid dress, you must not select a style that is too short.
6. Color aspects
(1) When participating in a formal wedding banquet during the day, the clothing should be mostly monochromatic. Be careful not to show too many colors on the body, otherwise, it will give people a frivolous and solemn feeling.
(2) It is best not to wear black to the wedding, especially black mesh socks.
(3) At the wedding, the color of the bridesmaid's dress is preferably slightly lighter than the bride's dress, and the color is mainly warm.
(4) Don't wear a pure white dress on the stage, so as not to overwhelm the guest. Bridesmaid dresses are slightly lighter than bridal dresses, in line with the wedding style.
(5) For the celebration, some red accessories can be added to the clothing, such as a red skirt, red belt, or a small area of red on the clothing. You can also wear some warm reddish tones, such as pale pink, pale yellow, etc.

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