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Care And Storage Of Wedding Dress

Marriage is a very important thing for the bride, and she will be very careful when preparing for the wedding. Every detail of the wedding banquet will be carefully prepared by the newlyweds, especially the bride and groom for their dress, every makeup, jewelry, wedding dresses, all kinds of dresses are very particular, and it takes a lot of money to hold a wedding, including the customization of various wedding dresses, so many people will keep their original wedding dresses as souvenirs after marriage. To keep the wedding dress, the maintenance and storage of the wedding dress are very important. Rjerdress offers some ways for brides to save and store their wedding, take a look:
How to save the wedding dress to keep the original color
Storage and Inspection
Take out the cleaned wedding dress, and take off the metal parts of the wedding dress, such as buttons, buckles, pins, etc., together with sponge shoulder pads, chest pads, etc., and store them separately from the wedding dress. Because for a long time. They may have some chemical reaction to contaminate the wedding dress. Then roll up the wedding dress (preferably avoid folding), and wrap it with a white cloth. Put it in a dust bag or a cardboard box. Add a few mothballs and that's it. Under the bed and on top of the cabinet are good places to store wedding dresses. The best conditions for preserving wedding dresses are low temperature, relatively dryness, and avoiding direct sunlight. Every once in a while, you should check the condition of your wedding dress to avoid problems. I think this would be best for a wedding anniversary!
2. Don't hang
After the wedding dress is washed and dried, it can be collected and stored in a cool and dry place. Remember, don't hang up the wedding dress, because, as time goes by, the wedding dress will drape, stretching the skirt or even tearing it.
Two other precautions must be mentioned: First, you must wash your hands before storing the wedding dress, and never put on cosmetics, otherwise, over time, there will be yellow spots on the wedding dress. In addition, the large hoop in the wedding dress can be twisted and stored, but when the clothes are turned over each year, the hoop should be restored to its original shape, so as not to lose its elasticity.
(1). The faster the cleaning time, the better
Of course, the faster the cleaning time of the wedding dress, the better, try to clean it after the wedding is completed, otherwise the longer the time drags on, the more difficult it will be to clean the stains.
(2). Professional dress cleaning shop
As for the cleaning of wedding dresses, it is best to find a professional and reliable cleaning dress shop. They will customize a special cleaning program based on the material of the dress, decorations, and various stains. This cleans up completely, and if left untreated, those invisible stains can oxidize and fade to an unsightly yellow over time.
While there are plenty of dry cleaners out there that claim to clean dresses, most aren't professional. Unless a dry cleaner cleans hundreds of dresses a year, you can consider it a qualified professional dress store.
3. Hand washing is the best way to clean
Some dress cleaning shops use wet cleaning techniques, using mild detergents and hand washing. This removes visible stains such as champagne, sugar, etc. that are invisible. Some stores also use a more traditional dry-cleaning technique, in which stains are treated before placing the dress in the dryer. When it comes to cleaning agents, perchloroethylene or petroleum-based cleaners are good choices. While petroleum-based solvents are not as thorough in cleaning stains as perchloroethylene, their rich oily properties can nourish certain fabrics and give them a lustrous finish.
4. A box with a neutral PH value is the best place to put a wedding dress
The storage environment of the dress is also very particular, and it is very necessary to put it in a box with a neutral pH value. For example, a sturdy cardboard box that allows the gown to breathe and adapt to temperature changes, or a cellulose acetate box with a viewing hole. Others are using boxes made of Coloplast, a new type of plastic that is very durable. Remember to put a desiccant in the box that keeps the wedding dress. Finally, put a protective bag on the outer layer of the box to provide finer protection for the wedding dress.
5. Tissue paper and grey cloth are the best packaging materials
The material of the wedding dress will directly affect the life of the wedding dress. The most ideal packaging material is white copy paper or natural tulle printed grey cloth. Wrapping your wedding dress in plastic is not a wise choice, as it traps moisture, molds the wedding dress and creates permanent wrinkles. The acidic tissue paper will gradually fade the dress. The colored tissue paper is very likely to dye the dress with other colors when the packaging is damp.
6. A closet or under the bed is the best place to store your wedding dress
The temperature of the attic is relatively high, and the wedding dress is easy to fade when stored in the attic. Long-term exposure to sunlight will also cause the dress to fade, and the basement is relatively humid, which is easy to cause the wedding dress to become moldy. The best place to store your wedding dress is in the closet or under the bed, as these are relatively cool and dry places.
How to clean wedding dress stains
Most wedding dresses are only worn for one day. If they are not particularly dirty, you can choose to clean them yourself. Before washing, you can check whether the beads are loose, and try to disassemble them if they can be disassembled. The wedding dress is generally very soft. Soak it in warm water for half an hour (the best water temperature is 50-60 degrees) when washing. The water should just submerge the wedding dress as the standard. Put a little soft neutral laundry detergent in the water, and then gently scrub with your hands. , Do not scrub and scrub vigorously, remember to wash the reverse side when washing. After washing, put it in clean water for 10 minutes, do not need to dry it, let it go out to the sun, and put it in a dry wardrobe after drying. Don't hang up the wedding dress, the wedding dress will have a sag, which will elongate the skirt and deform it.
Hope our method can help brides to better preserve their wedding dresses.

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