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Guide To Plus Size Wedding Dresses


The wedding day is the most important in every girl's life. Every bride should appear in a beautiful wedding dress and be the star of the wedding, instead of being troubled by her size to choose an unsuitable wedding dress.
We are aware of your confusion, so we are here to support you. And provide you with some suggestions of your own for choosing a plus-size wedding dress.

1.Choose The Right Fabric

Fat brides need to cover the fleshy parts of the body, and choose a wedding dress with a stiff texture that can hold up an arc, is good-looking, and will not fit to expose the shortcomings of the body. Such as the soft texture of the wedding dress usually has a sense of drape, and the body has a meat bride to wear will be exposed to everyone one by one the shortcomings of the body, affecting the overall sense of beauty.

2.Simple Style

Fleshy brides will look stronger, compared to the design of complicated wedding dresses, I recommend you choose a simple wedding dress, preferably with a straight cut, and then in the waist or hem position plus a little irregular design, which can show slim, but not monotonous. Simple and clean cut, flattering but not tight, simple temperament of the straight robe wedding dresses will be people's eyes fixed on your height, see you are very temperament bride look.
Such a wedding dress also has a benefit, so that your body is naturally relaxed, and will not be constrained.

3.Avoid Strapless Design

The strapless wedding dress design is very sexy, but not for you. The fat bride's arms will be a little flabby, directly with the full strapless design will show this shortcoming in front of everyone, so you need to choose a off shoulder wedding dress that is beautiful and at the same time a little meat cover. the shoulder wedding dress can be a good way to trim the arm line, making the arms look more slender. And a little off-the-shoulder wedding dress is not as conservative and dull as the full wrap-up wedding dress, so you shine in the wedding.

4.The High Waist Of The Small Design

Wedding wears high waist design wedding dress can make you look taller. And fat bride, if the belly will be a little fat, high waist just a little belly cleverly hidden in the skirt below, visually to achieve the effect of a waist, so that the waist is slimmer. If the waist, and chest are the very full sister, choose the waist position slightly higher style.
Also note that some wedding dresses like to add a lot of decoration in the chest, and waist such as handmade flowers, and beads, but fat sisters' wedding dresses should not add too many decorative items in the waist.
The handmade decoration is to attract people's eyes, the waist, which is already plump, should blur the focus, rather than doubling to attract others to look.

5.Mermaid Wedding Dress To Show The Leg Curve

Fat does mean nobody curves, no matter what, confident girls are the most beautiful and can enjoy the surprise brought by mermaid wedding dresses. If you are satisfied with your waistline, you can choose a fishtail wedding dress; it will give you a romantic look and a gorgeous hourglass figure. There are also options for this dress, such as wearing a sleeveless dress or with sleeves, so it's a great choice in both cases. However, we recommend avoiding mermaid wedding dresses. If you have wider hips.
Wedding mermaid dresses are more able to highlight the unique curves of women and bring a different visual appearance. Show the curve of your hips and legs, and the waist to form a sharp contrast, but also can concave the visual good figure.

6.A-line Wedding Dress

A-line wedding dress is suitable for anyone of any figure, especially with a waist effect A-line wedding dresses, very show the body.
For brides who are not satisfied with the leg line, an A-line wedding dress is a great choice, can well cover the legs, and your body will outline the most ideal silhouette.
Fat brides are best when choosing a wedding dress to choose an A-line skirt, so that no matter how dissatisfied you are with your lower body. As long as you wear high heels, in which angle to see you are tall, with long legs!

7.Comes With A Corset Wedding Dress To Show Your Body

Now a lot of wedding dresses come with corsets, which will automatically help you shape to help your waist and chest, really perfect for showing the body curve.
"Bigger chest, smaller waist!" --you deserve it.

8.The Full Use Of The Wedding Veil

The long veil is simply the secret weapon of the fat bride, although light but can be hidden to cover the upper body of the fat, as long as the stylist handles it well, but also can cover the arms and back of the small flesh, easy to achieve the effect of visual weight loss. And the veil is soft and light, which softens its lines and makes the bride look more gentle.

Here are just a few tips for you when picking a wedding dress. Also, choose a dress that you will feel confident and happy in. Don't choose the dress just because it suits your body type. It's your night, so take some time to decide what will make you happy.

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