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How To Choose A Mermaid Wedding Dress

The mermaid wedding dress is named because the skirt resembles the tail of a mermaid. When it comes to mermaids, the first thing that comes to mind is beauty, elegance, and mystery. Wearing a mermaid wedding dress can show a sexy body curve like a mermaid, so not many brides favor this style of wedding dress. Mermaid wedding dresses have a good effect on the bride's figure. The close-fitting mermaid wedding dresses will make people look charming, noble, and very grand. So how can the bride choose the right mermaid wedding dress?
Matters needing attention when choosing a mermaid wedding dress
The mermaid wedding dress is very close to the body above the knee, and the cut is just right, while the part below the knee stretches out like a fishtail, making the body curve protruding vividly. Because of this, mermaid wedding dresses still have some requirements for the figure.
1. Slim waist
The mermaid wedding dress will have a slender waist, bringing together subtlety and romance, just like the mermaid princess in a fairy tale. It is the favorite of fantasy brides. But mermaid wedding dresses have extremely high requirements for the functions of the abdomen and hip lifting of underwear. If the wedding underwear is wrongly selected, then the wedding dress that can reflect the perfect body will also become a failure to exaggerate the shortcomings.
2. Abdomen and hip lift
Mermaid wedding dresses have almost harsh requirements for the functions of abdomen and hip lift in underwear. Many brides care more about the line of the waist, but you must ensure the elegant lines of the legs in a mermaid wedding dress. Buttocks effect underwear is a must-have for brides. Choosing hip-lifting underwear is to pay attention to the stitching of the buttocks. The stitching line higher than the buttocks will effectively lift the buttocks and allow you to move freely.
3. Highlight the elegant lines of women
The mermaid wedding dress highlights the elegant lines of women, and the right cut can show the bride's slender figure, contrasting the slender waist with the propped crotch. For brides with better body proportions and curves, it is a good opportunity to show off their bodies. At the same time, we must remind brides-to-be that this skirt is not very convenient to walk. So choose carefully according to the occasion, and please remember not to make big moves in a mermaid wedding dress.
the suitable body shape of the mermaid wedding dress
Mermaid wedding dresses are more sculptural, and those suitable for mermaid wedding dresses generally need to be tall and thin and should not be too full.
1. The figure is best to be tall and thin: most mermaid wedding dresses are tailored to fit the body curve completely. The overall wrapping effect is very good. It is more suitable for petite and thin brides. It can better show this types of brides, mermaid wedding dresses need to be tall enough to control the bride, if the figure is too petite, it is easy to be submerged in such a style.
2. The figure should not be too plump: Mermaid wedding dresses are very picky about the bride's figure. If you want to wear a perfect mermaid wedding dress, you need a concavity and perfect S-curve to support it. It is difficult to match a mermaid wedding dress with a plump figure. Mermaid wedding dresses are most suitable for matching with a longer length or a styling, and the face should not be too round. The selection skills of mermaid wedding dresses can be considered in the above points, and combined with your own body shape advantages to choosing the most suitable style.
What hairstyle looks best with a mermaid wedding dress
In addition to the figure, the collocation of the hairstyle is also very important. What hairstyle matches the mermaid wedding dress? Mermaid wedding dresses are characterized by elegance and grace, sexy and feminine, so simple and elegant hairstyles are best.
1. Simple coiled hair: coiled hair with a bit of broken hair, scattered around the ears, slightly elegant, showing sexy neck and shoulder lines. Set hair with lace headband, various small floral or pearl hair buckles, and other decorations, and there is a touch of agility in the elegance.
2 Centipede braided fishbone braid: braided long hair tightly and uniformly, which has a good modification effect on the shoulders, neck, and back, and can also echo the shape of a slender and elegant fishtail skirt, plus some lace hair ornaments or pearls The hair buckle adds a touch of charm.
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