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How to choose a wedding cake?

The newlyweds will choose cakes for their weddings when they get married. The cakes represent sweetness. The newlyweds hope to share the sweet happiness with everyone. The cake styles can highlight the characteristics of the newlyweds' wedding. Different cake styles correspond to different themed wedding themes, before choosing a wedding cake, the newlyweds should know some tips for choosing a wedding cake. If you're still struggling with how to choose a wedding cake for yourself, take a look at these tips below.
How to choose a wedding cake?
1. The scale of the wedding: The wedding cake has one layer, two layers, three layers, and multiple layers. So how big should we choose? What size should we choose? At this time, we need to start from the wedding the specific scale of the wedding is started. If the scale of the wedding is large, we will buy a larger wedding cake accordingly. If the wedding scale is small, we will buy a smaller wedding cake accordingly.
2. Determine the overall shape of the cake. The shape of the cake can be made into a variety of shapes. For occasions like weddings, it is best to choose a romantic and beautiful shape. Decorate with some rose flowers and opt for a three-tiered look.
3. Considering the entire budget of the cake. Money is the first consideration when purchasing cakes. Different sizes, layers, and flavors of wedding cakes will lead to different final prices, so when we specifically choose wedding cakes, we also need to take into account your budget and see what kind of wedding cake you can customize with your budget.
4. Choose the taste of the cake. As we all know, the taste of the cake is not only cream but also mousse, ice cream, etc. At this time, we need to consider the taste of the guests we invite. Which one do you prefer? What about one flavor? The texture of the wedding cake can be selected from ice cream cake and mousse cake. These two cakes taste very good and taste sweet. Children and adults like to eat them, but they need a way to store them. To be frozen, if you want to look good, then fondant cake is the first choice, if you want to be economical, then choose cream cake.
5. Notice wedding date. Anyone who has booked cakes knows that cakes are not ready-made and need to be made on the spot. Generally speaking, it takes 3-4 hours to make an ordinary birthday cake, and a few-layer wedding cake, it will naturally take longer. Therefore, when we choose a wedding cake, we also need to consider the specific time issue to see how much time is left before your wedding date, and what kind of cake can be made at this time.
Wedding cakes are the sweetest representative decorations on the wedding day. There are two types: edible and panoramic. Some cakes will be shared with guests later, while others are purely for aesthetic decoration. Newcomers can choose between edible cakes or panorama cakes according to their ideas.
popular wedding cakes
1. The classic high-rise cake, the wedding is a big occasion, it is necessary to choose a classic multi-layer cake. There are many guests at the wedding, and the multi-layer cake can take care of all the guests. It will not cause the dilemma of some guests not arriving late for the cake. The cake shape can be selected according to the main color of the wedding. You can choose a more classic white shape, with bright flowers, the whole cake will be very stylish.
2. Convenient multi-piece cakes. The cake stand is made of metal. The top cake is used as the main cake. The cakes on the bottom shelf are made into small cakes in equal proportions according to the appearance of the top cake and placed on the cake stand in turn. The advantage of this cake is that it is convenient to distribute the wedding cake to the guests and it is not easy to soil the wedding venue.
3. Inedible panorama cake, this type of wedding cake is usually ornamental, so to ensure ornamental, fondant cake is a good choice.
The above are some tips for wedding cake selection. There is no need to have a fixed pattern for the selection of wedding cakes. New people can choose according to their favorite styles and tastes, so the selected cakes are set to be different.
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