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How To Choose Formal Dresses For Girls Of Different Shapes


I believe everyone is familiar with formal dresses. It is very important in our lives. We cannot do without formal dresses in many activities. Do you know how to choose a formal dress that suits you? How do people of different shapes choose the formal dress that suits them best?


Choosing a dress that suits you is very important. Wearing the same formal dress will have different effects on different figures, so you need to know how to choose the appropriate dress according to your body characteristics.


Several Common Body Types 

The common body types in life are O, A, X, H, and Y. Each body type has its own characteristics. You can use these characteristics to find a dress that suits you, magnify your advantages, and weaken the defects. Your overall look is perfectly enhanced.


5 Common Body Characteristics & Style Recommendations


O Shape


O-shaped body is characterized by a raised abdomen, the width of the waist is greater than the width of the shoulders and hips. The waist curve is not obvious, the waist and hips are plump, and the legs are thin, giving the overall feeling of roundness.


This figure must pay attention to the design of the waist of the dress. Choose a high-waist design to avoid cumbersome designs piling up on the waist. You can choose a high-low dress to reveal the slender leg lines and transfer the main visual center of the guests to the slender lower body.


Recommended dress:

The asymmetrical skirt reveals the slender leg lines, shifting the center of view of the guests to the legs. The high waist design cleverly covers the belly fat, which is simply an excellent choice.



A Shape


The A-type body is characterized by a relatively plump lower body and a slender upper body. Girls with this type of body are best to choose a long dress with a line. The long skirt can cover the lack of legs. You can choose some naked styles for the neckline, such as V-neck, strapless, one-shoulder, let the guest's visual focus move up, highlighting their slender neck and beautiful collarbone.


Recommended dress:

The A-line version is matched with a long skirt, which cleverly covers the defects of the legs. The sleeveless design can show your slender upper body, which is perfect.



X Shape


An X-shaped body is characterized by shoulders and hips that are the same width, but has a slim waist. This kind of figure with big buttocks and fat breasts has a great visual impact. When it comes to x-shaped, the most famous one should be Kim Kardashian. I believe that many girls hope to have an x-shaped body like Kim Kardashian. As a girl with an x-shaped figure, how can she easily let go of showing her good figure? I believe that tight-fitting dresses must be the favorite of girls with a x-shaped figure.


Recommended dress:

The close-fitting mermaid design can show your hips and slender waist to the greatest extent. The combination of warm red and sequins is sure to make you have an unforgettable party.



H Shape


The H-shaped figure is characterized by an indistinct waistline, chest, waist, and hips that are almost generally wide. If you are a thin H type, congratulations, your figure is great, and you can perfectly control any formal dress. The one that can best show your figure must be a mermaid gift. But if you have an H-shaped figure with a stronger body, then you need some dressing skills, which is to skillfully create the width difference between the waist and crotch, such as an A-line high-waisted dress, and use a belt to create The waistline and the thickness of the belt depend on the height, and short girls are especially not suitable for widening the belt or girdle. In addition, you can choose some layered dresses, such as layered, multi-layered formal dresses.


Recommended dress:

The mermaid style shows your beautiful body curve to the greatest extent, the folds under the waist add a sense of design, and the slits add a touch of sexiness to the simple dress.


Y Shape


The Y-shaped figure is opposite to the A-shaped figure. It is characterized by a relatively plump upper body, which may be the chest or shoulders. When choosing a dress for a Y-shaped figure with a full bust, you should choose some heart-shaped necklines or designs with simple neckline lines to reduce the appearance of chest lines. degree of exaggeration. Girls with full shoulders or arms can choose loose long-sleeved V-neck formal dresses.


Recommended dress:

The lantern sleeves can subtly cover the fat on the arms, and the design of the sweetheart collar tightly wraps the chest, weakening the presence of the chest. It must be the favorite of Y-shaped girls.


  In addition to body shape, other factors need to be considered when choosing a dress, such as skin color and the occasion to participate in. Girls can choose and buy according to their own needs. If you buy offline, you must try it on. If you choose to buy online, you must ask about the size, delivery date, etc. to prevent size errors and late delivery.


Rjerdress hopes that every girl can confidently show her beauty at the party.

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