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Spring & Summer Bridesmaid Dress Color Guide


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The bridesmaid is an indispensable role in the wedding, and also one of the most dazzling roles in the wedding besides the bride, so the bridesmaid dress naturally needs to be beautiful and moving, matching the graceful figure of the bride will make the whole wedding more colorful. With the arrival of the new year, the popular colors of bridesmaid dresses are also changing, come and learn about the popular colors of the new year!


Trending Colors for Spring 2023 Bridesmaid Dresses




Pink and tender colors are full of girls' hearts. At weddings, the protagonist's dress usually chooses a series of brighter colors such as red, so the bridesmaid's dress can only choose an elegant color. A wedding is a testimony of love, and it is also a gathering place for occasional peach blossoms. As the second protagonist of the wedding, it is best to choose a pink dress. Pink is elegant yet sexy, giving people a sense of stability and gentleness.

Choosing pink bridesmaid dresses for the bridesmaids is not only in line with the current fashion trend, but also injects many elements of vitality into the wedding scene, of course not only for beach weddings but also for outdoor weddings in summer. Bridesmaid dresses of this color are excellent!

Recommended colors: light pink, skin pink, pearl pink, blush pink




Green represents vitality and is a common color system in spring and summer weddings. If you choose to hold a wedding in spring and summer, green dresses will be the best choice for bridesmaids. But it's worth noting that not all greens are suitable for weddings. It is best to choose a light green color. Of course, if you want to try boldly, then dark green may bring you surprises.

Recommended colors: sage, mint, light green




Blue is like gray, blue is also one of the colors that are very suitable for bridesmaid dresses. Blue represents calmness and can also highlight the unique temperament of women. Blue is also a very versatile color. If the dress is designed in silk, it will look very elegant and beautiful. Appearing at the wedding in such a dress, it is very difficult for people to take reality away from you. Of course, the most important principle is not to steal the limelight from the bride.

Recommended colors: sky blue, light blue, royal blue, navy blue



4. Purple


Purple has always been a popular color for bridesmaid dresses, elegant, noble, and beautiful, because of the attributes of this color itself, it is not suitable for weddings with a too cool tone. Feel free to choose purple bridesmaid dresses any other time!

Recommended colors: lavender, lilac



5. Yellow


Suitable for fair-skinned bridesmaids. The bright yellow can attract the attention of many guests, especially the satin dress is more dazzling, and can add a sense of color to the wedding. It's just that the bridesmaids should avoid covering up a large area when choosing a yellow dress, otherwise they will feel too heavy and old-fashioned. If you think yellow is too eye-catching, Dalian wedding photography suggests that you can also choose a pure light yellow dress, which can make the whole wedding exude a youthful and sunny feeling.

Recommended colors: daffodil, light yellow


6. Gray


Gray bridesmaid dresses are becoming more and more popular. Light, slightly romantic, and one that harmonizes with most other colors, that's magic gray.

Introverted and low-key gray not only will not steal the limelight of the bride, but gray is also a color with more potential explosive power than black. Gray bridesmaid dresses generally give people a sense of stability and elegance. Although the color is slightly conservative, as long as you put a little thought into the design of the dress, it will instantly enhance the fashion sense of the dress. If the bridesmaids choose gray dresses, it will be a very correct choice.

The gray bridesmaid dress that has been overlooked in recent years is now gaining in popularity, and it's making a comeback more glamorous than ever. To ensure that the dress does not look so dull, match the skirt with a pale yellow bouquet or bright high-heeled shoes to make the overall look more lively.

Recommended colors: gray pink, gray purple, gray blue


7. Champagne


Spring is always full of vitality, green, blue, and full of spring, so as a bridesmaid, you might as well try wearing a champagne dress, which can match the season without taking away the brilliance of the bride. It looks insanely harmonious at a wedding, but it's also glamorous.

Recommended colors: champagne, light champagne

An elegant shade of pale pink, pink is pretty much the color of choice for bridesmaids the world over. Wear it with ivory and pink bases for a stunning look.


10 Popular Bridesmaid Dress Colors


Light Pink

As an elegant shade of pink, light pink is the color of choice for bridesmaids almost all over the world. Wear it with ivory and pink bases for a stunning look.



The cool sage adds a lot of color to spring and summer wedding venues. It is almost versatile with various contrasting colors such as wedding bouquets and high heels. This color allows you to completely worry about making mistakes.



In the past 3 or 4 years, mint has always been the first choice of bridesmaids. Since we extracted a natural and fresh lime green from grass green, mint has regained its new life. Mint green is the perfect way to bring more life to pure green and instantly brighten up any wedding.


Sky Blue

Sky Blue The color winner for traditional bridesmaid dresses, sky blue is as trendy as ever. Needless to say, the sky blue looks very fresh, making it a color that anyone can look good on. According to the style you want, try to match it with a snow-white flower bouquet, which can make the sky blue stand out even more.


Light Blue

Light blue is the most traditional and widely popular choice for bridesmaid dresses, and it is a color that is destined to be chosen, depending on your reasons for choosing it.


Navy Blue

Compared with black, navy blue is more interesting and fashionable, and it is also suitable for bridesmaids with many skin tones. This color is very popular, choose this color dress for your bridesmaids, maybe they will still be willing to wear this dress after your wedding is over!



Lilac with a pinkish hue is second only to white in beauty, making it one of the most popular shades in bridesmaid dresses. It's also a very flattering color that goes well with pink tones.



Many girls like pink, but they think pink is too naive and sweet, then you can try lavender, the elegant lavender can be suitable for all seasons, no matter it is a girl of any skin color, wearing a wedding dress of this color is fine To make yourself look gorgeous, this kind of dress can be matched with a little pink or gray, which will make the whole person look more temperamental.



Daffodil is a pale yellow hue that is perfect for spring and summer weddings. It's not a very popular color in the traditional sense, but it looks great paired with bright yellows and whites.


Light Champagne

Light champagne is one of the popular colors for bridesmaid dresses. For spring and summer weddings, this is a color that can’t go wrong. You only need to match light champagne with the right color to get a unique surprise!


I believe that after knowing the popular colors of bridesmaid dresses in 2023, you have already decided which colors of bridesmaid dresses to buy, so act now!












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