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  • Plus Size Wedding Dresses - Favorite for Fat Girls

    Plus Size Wedding Dresses - Favorite for Fat Girls
    As fat girls, their lives have a lot more strange eyes than others. There is also more pressure, and so is the most important day of your life. The most beautiful day of my life. But the originally joyful preparation for marriage also threw new troubles on the fat girl. Want to put on a beautiful wedding dress and a beloved boy into the...
  • Summer Wedding Dress Guide

    Summer Wedding Dress Guide
    Weddings are the most important event of a woman's life, so they should be memorable and beautiful. You have planned everything to perfection–the church, the songs, the decorations, and what to wear. But let's be honest. The most important part is what you are going to wear! It's your wedding day, so you want to look at your absolute best. As a bride-to-be, you...
  • Wedding Dress Customization Guide

    Wedding Dress Customization Guide
    Brides all want to look their best in a one-of-a-kind wedding dress. Therefore, many brides will choose a custom-made wedding dress. But custom wedding dresses are a hassle and there are many factors to consider. Therefore, Rjerdress has prepared some guides on wedding dress customization for brides, hoping to be helpful to brides What do you need to pay attention to when designing a wedding dress?...
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