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Tips For Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses

A successful wedding is inseparable from all aspects of support. In the wedding, in addition to the bride and groom, the bridesmaids play an important role. As the bride's best friend, the dress of the bridesmaid is very important. Neither can it steal the bride's limelight, nor can it be too low-key. So, with so many styles and colors of bridesmaid dresses, how do choose a suitable bridesmaid dress.
Common bridesmaid dress styles
Long bridesmaid dress
Long bridesmaid dresses are the first choice for brides to e choose because long bridesmaid dresses are more solemn and more suitable for formal occasions like weddings. In addition, it is often seen that bridesmaid dresses can cover the legs, and can properly cover the bridesmaid with poor leg lines to make the body more perfect. In addition, the long dress can be well integrated with the wedding dress, making the group photo more tidy and beautiful. The most important point is that the bridesmaids need to squat down occasionally, and the long skirts can avoid running out.
Short bridesmaid dress
Some bridesmaids are relatively petite, so choosing a short bridesmaid dress can make your height more prominent. In addition, the bride's wedding dress is often long. Choosing a short bridesmaid dress can avoid the aesthetic fatigue of repeating the long dress with the bride and make the wedding vision plumper. More importantly, the task of the bridesmaid at the wedding is not easy. They need to walk back and forth to help the bride handle some trivial matters. The short bridesmaid dress is more convenient for the bridesmaid to move around and will not hinder the bridesmaid.
Choose a long or short bridesmaid dress, the bride can refer to the bridesmaid's figure and opinions.
How to choose the right bridesmaid dresses
1. Choose according to the theme color of the wedding
In addition to the style, the color of the bridesmaid dress is also very important. It must match the theme of the wedding and the color of the bride's wedding dress. The common color of bridesmaid dress is pink,
light blue, light purple, champagne, and other light colors, try to avoid dark blue, sapphire blue, dark green, and other too dark colors. No matter what color you choose, please remember to match it with the overall color of the wedding.
2. Choose according to the bridesmaid's figure
If the overall height of the bridesmaid is not high, short or medium-length bridesmaid dresses are very suitable. If the bridesmaid is tall, you can choose according to the bridesmaid’s preferences.
The slightly chubby bridesmaid chooses a tube top suspender skirt carefully. Bridesmaids with thicker legs try to choose a long style to better cover the legs.
3. Choose according to wedding style and scene
Generally speaking, short bridesmaid dresses are suitable for outdoor weddings, fresh and lovely, easy to walk around, long bridesmaid dresses are more suitable for indoor weddings, with an elegant and generous feeling. The specific choice depends on personal preference.
The choice of bridesmaid’s dress should also take into account the factors of wedding style. The coveted wedding dress should consider the material of tulle. Long satin material can be considered for classical palace weddings. Specific details may wish to communicate with your wedding planner in detail.
4. According to the preferences of the bridesmaids
Each bridesmaid likes different styles. The bride can choose different styles of the same color and fabric according to the bridesmaid’s preferences, body shape, and other factors. So both
It is even more special to meet the needs of different bridesmaids. The same color and material, even if the styles are different, the group photo will not appear cluttered.
5. Focus on size and comfort
One week before the wedding, at least three days in advance, the bridesmaids need to try on the dresses. If the size is inappropriate or uncomfortable, you can change it in time. After all, to wear it all day, comfort is still very important.
5. The color of the dress should be distinguished
As we mentioned earlier, the bridesmaid dress should match the color of the wedding dress as much as possible, but it does not mean that it must be the same as the color of the bride's wedding dress! ! The same color system will only make the guests foolishly confused who is the protagonist, there is no point! Therefore, the colors must be distinguished, as long as the colors are the same.
6. Avoid being too exposed
If the skirt of the bridesmaid’s dress is too short or the neckline is too low, on the one hand, there is a risk of running out, on the other hand, it may also steal the bride's limelight. After all, the protagonist of a wedding is the bride. If the style is too revealing, it is not suitable for more formal occasions such as weddings.
I believe that after understanding these contents, you already know how to choose bridesmaid dresses. Come and choose beautiful dresses for your bridesmaid.
For more information, please pay attention to the bridesmaid dresses online.

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