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Tips To Share The Bride's Makeup On The Wedding Day

The bride is the focus of everyone's attention during the wedding, and the bride's makeup is the most important part of the entire wedding styling design. On the wedding day, every bride hope to have perfect makeup and present their best state at the wedding ceremony. Nowadays, many people have mastered a lot of makeup skills. As long as we master some necessary bridal makeup skills, we can create bridal makeup ourselves. Mastering these bridal makeup skills and making delicate and beautiful bridal makeup is not a problem!
Tips for applying makeup on the bride on the wedding day
1. Foundation
The color of the foundation must match your skin tone. Don't rub your face too white or too dark, which will look unnatural and give people a strange feeling. Appropriately rub a little on the face, and then wipe a little on the neck and arms, so that the overall look of the bride’s complexion will be very harmonious. New natural nude makeup is the most suitable.
2. Eyes makeup
Eye makeup is best to be simple and not too exaggerated. Properly trim down the eyebrows. If the bride-to-be’s eyebrows can be modified with eyebrow powder and eyebrow pencil, choose a warm color eye shadow. If you feel happy, just apply it lightly. Don't apply too much color.
The eyeliner should be ventilated and clean, the upper eyeliner should be at the root of the upper eyelashes, the color should be dark, not thick, and the lower eyeliner should be thin. Eyelashes can be brushed with eyelashes, but do not brush too dark or dense, which will make the bride feel uncomfortable. You can stick some false eyelashes appropriately.
3. Lips
Unsatisfactory lip shapes can be modified with makeup techniques. When applying it, first use nude lips to lightly cover the original lip color of the bride-to-be, and then apply light-colored lip gloss, such as light pink, light orange, peach, etc., don't apply too thick, It will look thicker. It is best to have a darker inner color, and the lighter the color becomes. This will make the bride-to-be’s lips look beautiful. Finally, apply a layer of transparent, non-fading lip gloss to avoid color fading.
4. Blush
The last step of blush bridal makeup is to apply blush. Using a blusher will make the bride-to-be’s cheeks appear healthy and rosy, and the blusher is also the best tool to modify the face and beautify the complexion. The bridal makeup is to be maintained for the whole day, so you can choose a shaped blush, and gently apply it with your hands or a makeup sponge so that the color of the blush and the color of the surrounding skin are as close as possible. Of course, pay attention to the choice of color. The color of the blush is best to match the color of eye shadow and lips so that the overall feeling of bridal makeup will be very coordinated.
Must-know precautions for bridal makeup
1. The best time for brides to trim their eyebrows is two weeks before the wedding, to avoid redness and swelling of the allergic skin on the wedding day.
2. Choose waterproof eyelashes, preferably brown and black, which can make the contours of your eyes more obvious. But don’t make eye makeup too exaggerated.
3. When choosing a bridal makeup stylist on the day, you must try makeup in advance. It depends not only on the makeup face but also on the hairstyle, the overall feeling of the match, the quality of the cosmetics, etc., after trying it, you will know if this makeup artist is suitable for you. , Whether you can make the feeling you want.
4. If you need to follow the makeup of the bride's makeup at the wedding, you must design and make a suitable hairstyle according to the style of each set of clothes. At the same time, you must also change the color of eye shadow and lip gloss, to achieve the overall sense of coordination and look more beautiful.
5. If the lips are too thin, you can apply a layer of powder after applying the lipstick, and then apply a layer of lipstick, which will make your lips look fuller.
6. A healthy complexion is the key to bridal makeup. Brides-to-be should start regular facial treatments two months before the wedding, to facilitate the cleansing before applying makeup.
7. Choose an intermediate color with the wedding dress and skin as your foundation, so that you can better bring out a beautiful complexion on the wedding day.
8. For the solution of low-neck wedding dresses, it is best to pat some foundation on the neck, which will look more natural.
9. Prepare concealer, it can help you cover dark circles well.
10. The blush should be the least prominent part of the bridal makeup. You only need a slight modification and you can use the medium eye shadow brush to swipe across the cheeks, but it is not overly rendered, but it gives people a glamorous look feel.
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