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Top Bridesmaid Dresses Color Trends For Spring 2022 Weddings

Winter is coming to an end, and spring is coming, which is not only a change from cold to warm but also a new beginning. In spring, everything begins to recover, warm sunshine, bright flowers, fresh floral fragrance, everything is full of nature and romance, which can set the tone for a wedding very well. This is why many couples choose to get married in the spring. For brides, there are not only many outdoor natural venues that can be used for weddings in spring but also think that they can dress up their weddings with more colors. Even if there are not many colors to choose from for a wedding dress, there are many colors to choose from when choosing bridesmaid dresses.
A wedding is not only a special day for the bride but also a special time for the bridesmaids to witness the happiness of friends. For those who have decided to have a romantic wedding in spring, after picking out the right wedding dress, don't forget to find beautiful bridesmaid dresses for your bridesmaids. Because the wedding is not only a special day for the bride but also a special time for the bridesmaids, where you can witness the happiness of your friends with your own eyes. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose a beautiful bridesmaid dress for the bridesmaids!
There are so many colors to go within spring. Such as pink, lavender, light blue, white, and other romantic light colors. For brides, choosing suitable and beautiful bridesmaid dresses for all the bridesmaids is a headache, please don't worry, Rjerdress is always here to help brides. In 2022, we can see a lot of pinks, lilac, light blue. These are common colors for spring weddings in previous years. These color trends are here to stay in 2022!
When shopping for bridesmaid dresses this spring, you can read our selection of popular bridesmaid dress colors for spring 2022 weddings. This helps make it easier to find.
A Guide to Trending Bridesmaid Dress Color Trends for Spring Weddings 2022
1. Classic Pink
Whether it was last year or this year, pink is one of the most popular colors for spring weddings. Pink is often used in spring weddings as a romantic shade. The romantic shade of pink is suitable for any wedding theme and wedding atmosphere. Whether it's a beach wedding, lawn wedding, or church wedding, pink blends well with these scenes. Plus, pink works well with white, giving off a serene vibe when paired with the bride’s white wedding dress. There are many kinds of pink, pearl pink, blush pink, skin pink, no matter which kind of pink, which can match the wedding theme.
This chiffon pink bridesmaid dress has a total of necklines to choose from, a basic sweetheart neckline, a unique halter neck, and a common round neckline. Different necklines can meet the preferences of different bridesmaids.
2. Romantic Sky Blue
When it comes to spring weddings, no one can ignore blue, one of the classic colors in weddings. It is also very easy to match.
This long blue bridesmaid dress with thin slings, the A-line version can take care of bridesmaids of different sizes. The design of thin slings adds a touch of sensuality to the elegant bridesmaids, and the white belt adds highlights to the overall shape. It also visually improves the proportion of the body.
3. Vibrant Sage
Spring is green, how can a spring wedding lack green. However, there are many kinds of green, and different greens have different meanings. As a light green tone, sage green is very in line with the budding state of various organisms in early spring. Trust us, choose a beautiful sage dress for your bridesmaids that your bridesmaids will love.
4. Mystic Lavender 
Lavender is representative of romance, so the color of lavender is also very suitable for the theme of the wedding. Lavender purple bridesmaid dresses are always a popular choice for brides.
This one shoulder lavender bridesmaid dress features unique off-the-shoulder and chiffon fabric for elegance and comfort.
You can also choose to choose a bridesmaid dress that mixes colors according to the tone of the wedding. No matter which color dress you choose, don't forget to ask the bridesmaids for advice.
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