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Travel Marriage Process


Modern young people pursue free personality, hotel or church-style weddings are not only expensive but also cumbersome, so many couples choose to travel to get married, making weddings more romantic and free. So how to arrange the travel marriage process? Rjerdress summarizes a series of processes and preparations for travel and marriage before departure, on the day of the wedding, honeymoon, and after travel and marriage. Let's take a look at it together.


 1. Travel and get married - before departure


1. Discuss with the elders: Marriage is not only a matter for the couple but also a matter for the two families, so the couple who choose to travel and get married need to discuss it with their parents. The newlyweds can list the benefits and advantages of traveling and getting married, and communicate well with the parents of both parties.


2. Choose a wedding company: After deciding to travel and get married, the newlyweds will start to do some detailed preparations, such as the venue where the wedding will be held, the style of the wedding, the number of people invited, and so on. Holding a wedding is not an easy task, so the newlyweds can choose a reliable wedding company.


3. Make travel planning: New couples who choose to travel and get married should make travel plans, combine the wedding with their honeymoon trip, and formulate a reasonable time and route, so as to create more beautiful memories.


4. Draw up a guest list: It is not necessary to invite too many guests to participate in a travel wedding. Generally, they are relatives of both parties and friends who have a good relationship with the couple, about a dozen or so. After the list is drawn up, a notice should be given in advance so that the guests have time to go through the relevant procedures for going abroad. If you are a newcomer with better economic conditions, you can bear the cost of air tickets and hotel for the newcomer


5. Choose the right wedding dress: Travel weddings will bring wedding dresses to another country, so pay special attention to the material and style of the wedding dresses when choosing wedding dresses for travel weddings. The fabric of the wedding dress should be pressure-resistant as much as possible, and it is not easy to appear wrinkled. Otherwise, the wedding dress that is full of wrinkles will not look good when it reaches its destination. The style of the wedding dress should be as simple and atmospheric as possible, not too complicated, otherwise, it is inconvenient to carry. When taking the plane, you can ask the flight attendant to hang the wedding dress on the wardrobe of the plane, and put it in the special pocket of the wedding dress.

6. Prepare the items and prepare the documents: ID card, marriage certificate, if you go abroad, you need to get your passport in advance, and you need to bring a driver's license when you rent a car. Book flights and hotels in advance. Buy some travel essentials (depending on your needs).



2. Travel and get married 1 - the wedding day

This day is a very important day for travel and marriage. It is a small and romantic wedding ceremony. Let's see the details of the process~

1. Put on beautiful makeup: In a hotel or a homestay, a makeup artist will put on beautiful bridal makeup for you. The wedding process for a travel wedding is relatively simple, so you don’t need to get up too early.

2. Take some beautiful photos: After putting on makeup, you can take beautiful photos with your girlfriends and other friends and relatives, and you can have beautiful morning gown photos ~ the bride in veil and the groom in a suit, and friends can also Go to the beach, lawn, or coconut grove around the hotel or homestay to express your happiness at this moment. The photographer will capture it for you, and the photos will be supernatural.


3. Pre-marriage game travel Weddings do not necessarily have a bridesmaid and best man group, but a few friends can come to play a little game in the wedding room to increase the fun of the wedding.


4. The wedding ceremony can be carried out in the morning or evening, and the sunshine and temperature are just right. The whole wedding ceremony process is probably that the bride's hand is handed over to the groom by the father, from one home to another. Under the witness of everyone, they made an oath and exchanged rings. Under the romantic rain of petals, happiness is accomplished~

5. Starlight Dinner For young couples, it is a fashionable thing to hold a starlight dinner, also called After Party, on the night of the travel wedding day! Put on a bling-bling evening dress, dance with friends and guests under the stars, light fairy sticks, cold fireworks, and shine! The memory of this night is believed to be unforgettable for a lifetime.


3. Travel, marriage, honeymoon trip

After the romance of the wedding ceremony, it is time to enjoy your honeymoon alone. You can slowly feel the customs and customs of the city, and girls can enjoy shopping happily! Take pictures and punch cards in the same style as the star net red! The newlyweds can watch the sunrise by the sea, run on the waves in the blue and cool seawater, and fully enjoy the fun of this trip and marriage.


4. After the travel and marriage is over


Because only a few friends and family members attended the wedding, many relatives and friends could not participate. Don't worry at all, as long as you return from your trip and get married, you can hold a simple thank-you banquet and invite relatives and friends to attend.


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