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Winter Bridesmaid Dresses - Warm and Elegance


In a wedding, the bridesmaid is one of the most important roles, usually played by the bride's best friend. On this special day, not only the bride should be beautiful, but the bridesmaids should also have their clothes, and their clothes should be matched with the bride's clothes. Generally speaking, bridesmaids' dresses are mainly elegant, simple, and generous, and mostly appear in simple designs. It can't be as gorgeous and grand as the bride's dress, but it can't be particularly simple either. If the bridesmaids' clothes are too ugly, it will not only have a bad impact on the wedding but also affect the friendship between friends. Today, rjerdress will show you warm and stylish winter bridesmaid dresses.

Choose the right length

If you're having a winter wedding, you can prepare floor-length bridesmaid dresses for your bridesmaids. In winter, it is very important to keep the legs warm. If the bridesmaids wear long dresses, you can add a pair of close-fitting thermal pants to the lower body. The long skirts can cover the legs well, and the thermal pants will not be exposed. The bridesmaids were embarrassed, and the colleagues kept the bridesmaids warm, and the ability of the whole body to keep out the cold was greatly increased.

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Choose warm materials


In the snowy winter, when brides choose dresses for bridesmaids, they should pay attention to the warmth of dresses in styles and materials. In the cold winter, it is best to choose fabrics with thick texture and strong warmth, such as corduroy, acrylic cotton, velvet, thick satin, velvet, etc. The above fabrics are relatively thick and are a good choice for bridesmaid dresses in winter. Among them, velvet bridesmaid dresses are the most popular.

Fabulous velvet bridesmaid dress

Pick the right color


Although there are many choices of bridesmaid dress colors, as long as it does not conflict with the theme of the wedding, the commonly used bridesmaid dress colors can be selected. The most common bridesmaid dresses come in champagne, pink, blue, etc. You can choose the same color bridesmaid dress according to the theme of the wedding.

But in the dull winter, some bright colors will be more popular. Common ones are burgundy bridesmaid dresses, fuchsia bridesmaid dresses, and gold bridesmaid dresses.

The perfect combination of Burgundy and velvet

Long Sleeve Bridesmaid Dress

In the cold winter months, long sleeves are the best choice to choose a long sleeve bridesmaid dress for your bridesmaids.

Wraps-Winter Bridesmaid Dresses That Can't Be Ignored

It is very difficult to attend a wedding in the cold winter. Most of the time, the dress cannot resist the cold, and some warm items are needed to keep the bridesmaids warm. Then a fur shawl is an excellent thermal insulation item. The bridesmaids wear a fashionable fur shawl outside the dress, which can not only keep out the cold but also look more dignified.

Bridesmaids can choose a fur shawl in the same color as the dress, and the bridesmaid's temperament becomes instantly elegant. There are many styles of shawls, and the bridesmaids can match them with temperament or cute fur shawls according to the wedding theme and their preferences.


Winter weddings are wonderful, but don't forget to consider warmth for your bridesmaids.

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