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Wedding Dress Cleaning & Care Guide

After the wedding, many couples choose to collect wedding dresses as souvenirs, but after going through the wedding, the wedding dresses are easily stained with dirt, and how to clean them has become a problem. Regarding cleaning wedding dresses, rjerdress has some suggestions and hopes to help you.
1. Wedding Dress Cleaning Method
[Send professional wedding dress cleaning shop]
1. Because wedding dresses are more expensive, before sending them to a cleaning shop, you must first know whether the cleaning shop is professional. Generally, professional wedding dress cleaning shops are more trustworthy.
2. When sending the wedding dress for cleaning, ask the cleaning shop whether the detergent used contains acidic or toxic chemicals.
3. If you don’t know any reliable cleaning shops nearby, you can ask the bridal shop where you bought or leased the wedding dress, and whether there is a wedding dress cleaning service.
Before you send your wedding dress for dry cleaning, don't forget to understand the cost of cleaning. You can ask a few more to understand the price.
Although the cost of dry cleaning is relatively higher, the method will be more professional and will hardly affect the wedding dress.
【Clean by yourself】
Generally speaking, there is no need to clean the whole wedding dress, only the stained part is enough. If you want to clean the whole wedding dress, you need to master certain methods. Newcomers who want to clean their wedding dresses can follow the steps below.
1. Check the wedding dress before washing, and remove the detachable decorations. For the non-detachable decorations, check whether they are loose. If so, be careful to drop them when washing. Repair as soon as possible after cleaning.
2. Wash the dirty place with cold water first, and turn the wedding dress with the reverse side outward when cleaning.
3. Choose a neutral detergent or wedding dress cleaning cream, soak the dirty part of the wedding dress in the water with neutral detergent for 5-10 minutes, and then rub it gently. After washing, wash it several times with clean water and rinse off the detergent to avoid yellowing after drying.
5. After cleaning, avoid twisting the wedding dress by hand, avoid dehydrating it with a washing machine, avoid hanging it to dry, and choose to lay it flat to dry, which can prevent the wedding dress from deforming.
Be careful not to expose the wedding dress to the sun. Exposure to the sun will make the wedding dress brittle and the decorations will fall off easily.
Generally speaking, there is no need to wash the whole wedding dress, only the stained part is enough.
Wedding Dress Ironing Tips
If your wedding dress is a little wrinkled after washing, you can deal with it by mastering these methods according to the material of the wedding dress.
1. Wedding dresses with smooth surfaces and without decorations or lace, such as satin wedding dresses, can be ironed directly. The inner layer of the gauze wedding dress can be ironed with a steam iron, and the outer layer can be hung for about a week without ironing.
2. For wedding dresses with decorations, when ironing with an iron, you can put a decorations on it, or turn the wedding dress upside down so that it is not easy to snag and avoid pretending.
Ornaments are discolored and deformed.
3. When ironing a wedding dress, iron it from top to bottom, first iron the top, then the sleeves, and then the skirt. When ironing the hem of the skirt, hang it up and iron the skirt about ten centimeters from the ground, start ironing from the side seam, and iron the waist seam every time, first ironing the front and then the back.
How to clean the wedding dress, the editor tells you the method, go and try it! Make your wedding dress clean as new.
Wedding Dress Maintenance Tips
If you want to keep your wedding dress in the best condition, you must learn how to maintain your wedding dress. Here are some tips that can help you.
1. The white wedding dress will turn yellow after being stored for a long time. You can take it out to bask in the sun to avoid yellowing.
2. The wedding dress needs to be cleaned regularly to keep the color longer:
3. The wedding dress cannot be dehydrated, machine washed, or exposed to the sun.
4. The washed wedding dress should be stored in a dry and cool place.
5. Before collecting the wedding dress, you must wash your hands to avoid getting cosmetics on it. After a while, there will be small yellow spots.
6. After using the wedding dress, it is best to use ultraviolet rays and ozone for disinfection.
7. Do not put the wedding dress in a plastic bag when collecting it. It is best to use white acid-free tissue paper or unbleached fine-grain cotton cloth to wrap it.
The above is the whole content of "how to wash the wedding dress". When the couple cleans the wedding dress, they only need to pay more attention not to being rough, and not to machine wash it.

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